Friday, March 9, 2018

Florence is the Machine

Forgive this delayed posting...I wanted to simply provide my most meaningful recognition of International Women's Day that was celebrated this week by acknowledging one of the most inspirational people in my life who just happens to be a mother Florence.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

wild + parrot...the topophilia space

wild + parrot
As creative locations studio spaces provide a diversity of reference points as mixed and varied as the creative individuals who frequent them. They often provide an experience of space as a continuum of interplay of the rational, the concrete, the imaginative and the poetic. Gaston Bachelard presented the notion of topophilia to describe the constant  gatherings of imaginative responses within such spaces and their capacity to alter and dissolve the logical geometric experience of space. The topophilia traits of the space that wild + parrot has adapted is yet to acquire any significant degree of creative affect but within its initial transformation from garage to a place of making it is gradually gathering its own sway....sp.

wild + parrot

wild + parrot...detail.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

w i l d + p a r r o t: small handmade objects

A time away from descriptions and reflections made visible within these virtual pages, although I have not been completely idle. In quiet 'silent parrot' fashion I have joined creative forces with talented Brisbane based artist/printmaker/jeweller Shelly Wild and together we have created wild + parrot: small handmade objects. Essentially at this early stage our works could best be described as hybrid forms of jewellery that incorporate collage elements of printmaking, found photographs and text. Materials include metal, paper, bees wax and thread. Our handmade objects also include hand-held dioramas, artists' books and resin collage pieces. At present we remain in the throes of making with having recently been selected for the Flying Arts series of showcase exhibitions to be held at the Judith Wright Centre this year. I look forward to letting you know when the first exhibition of wild + parrot: small handmade objects takes place. sp    

Monday, July 24, 2017

36HR Print Event

Print stalker

The second annual QCA Printmaking Club fund raising event was another fabulous success with students and lecturers from the Griffith University QCA print department spending 36 hours printing in the studios. All works were displayed in the White Box Gallery together with print works from the Redcliffe based Artel Studio that works specifically with artists with disabilities. Thank you to each of the students who contributed time and their creative efforts to help raise funds. Also thank you to those print lovers who showed their support through their generous purchases. 

Print maker

Print lovers

Print connoisseur

Print nostalgia 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

36 HR. PRINT Exhibition Event

The QCA 36-HR. PRINT event is a fund raising exhibition held by Griffith University Queensland College of Art Print Club that will assist in raising financial support for artist’s with disabilities and contribute to the ongoing support for QCA printmaking students.
All prints created over the 36 hour 'printathon' will be made available for sale in a fund raising exhibition event on Sunday 23rd.July in the WHITE BOX Studio at QCA Grey Street South Bank. 

Any printmakers not currently enrolled at QCA are more than welcome to donate work for the Sunday exhibition and sale of prints. All works will be unframed.

Essentially we are asking participants to donate their work for sale at a very reasonable price with the majority of proceeds going to the Artist’s of Artel studio. The Artist’s of Artel is a community based printmaking studio that works with artists with disability and provides an opportunity for artists to create and exhibit their work 
The 36 hour event will be held in the QCA print studios and will be supervised by myself 
Dr. Glen Skien and other QCA print staff. All donated prints will be fixed at a price range between $15 and $75.

The QCA Print Club: 36-HR.PRINT
12 mid-day on Friday 21st July until 12 o’clock mid-night Saturday 22nd.July.


Friday, July 7, 2017

The Waste Books Archive.

 Silent Parrot Press Archives:The Waste Books:2017

 Within the post-exhibition moments that one needs to spend in packing away works and putting the past in order I often think of Walter Benjamin's short essay "Unpacking My Library" that acts as a trigger for reflecting upon the life of a collector, the kind of collector who seeks strange things often considered valueless. I have never been an avid collector but in packing away 'the waste books' I realise that for sometime now I have in fact, been collecting myself. sp.

Silent Parrot Press Archives:The Waste Books:2017